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Yume EP - a vision for 2021

Hi there!

I'll be honest : I've been hoarding so much unreleased material for an album to come. Only to find myself indecisive and trying to mesh them together forcefully... when in fact these pieces are just begging to be heard and be released, and not held back!

Which is why I have released Yume EP this month, and will be releasing 1 EP every month from now on. And if an album concept comes to my inspiration, then so be it. But it should be worthwhile.

I hope that you enjoy this whimsical 2 track EP : Yume means 'dream' in Japanese : I love the word and also wanted to remember my 2 years living in Japan (last 2 years of high school) It's funny how those 2 years seem so long in my memory, whereas now 2 years fly by so quickly (my 30th birthday is next month!)

Pre-order it here (releases Feb 17th, first track is immediately available) :



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