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Tomorrow (c'est la vie) !

Lovely people...

This is a really big one for me as it's my first real music video, and I'm finally happy to share it with you all today!

'Tomorrow (c'est la vie)' from my album 'The Blue Flame Within' keeps getting stuck in people's heads who happen to listen to it, including myself, which is a good thing..!

It breathes life and the pure innocent joy of being alive. Ziqi Wang captures it so well in this video that she carefully shot, edited and poured all of her creativity into during the confinement period. Thank you so much, my dear.

It's also a beautiful memory of this strange time that became a powerful melting pot of desperation and hope, and inner exploration toward appreciation of the simplest, purest things in our world.

I hope you enjoy this precious work! Feel free to share it away if you do 🕊️



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