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The Blue Flame Within, Collision, Hadra and more

All I can say is that 2020 is a year of ACTION, synchronicity, and dreams becoming reality.

Meaningful things that last require patience and perseverance to be built, and as we say in French - need to be "deserved". And this is what I feel is happening now : accumulated potential fruitfully manifesting into kinetic energy, with a breath of fresh air.

Sunrise in the hills of Corenc, where I spent 1 week on a project for Arturia in February.

Since March 1st, my 4th studio album 'The Blue Flame Within' is out on Bandcamp and all well-known streaming platforms, and I hope you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it. The album process pretty much set itself in place with Astral Warmup, the first track of the album, an ambient soundscape made up of a one-take from my Lyra-8 (if you've never heard of this incredible Russian drone synth, go check it out! If you're a musician you're in for a treat, as the 8 oscillators must be tuned manually like a cello or any continuous pitch instrument) and a piano chord progression recorded from my Yamaha upright. The other tracks steadily pieced themselves together throughout autumn and winter - the two seasons where I am the most productive musically, and pretty much everything else...

Since January I've felt a nostalgic yearning to get closer to acoustic instruments again (thank you to the artists like Pomme who have inspired me to go back to my roots and embrace the raw nature of a guitar and vocal for what it is, and to value it as such) and now have a little collection of new acoustic pieces waiting to be produced. I can't wait to see where this will go: the best part is not knowing!

A new acoustic song in its preliminary stage (improv here!)

Last weekend I played a 5 hour set (first time on CDJ's) in Lyon at my friend's cousin's alternative bar 'Collision', which also opened new doors and confidence for me to DJ around where I currently live. It had been a while, and this was a perfect refresher.

Beginning of my set at Collision, Lyon.

I'm already imagining how I will open and assemble my live set at Hadra this summer - yes, this is the highlight of the year for me at this point. August 30th from 10:30 to 12pm on the Chillout stage at the Hadra Trance Festival in France, is my beacon and my fire! Burning Man will have to wait. But nothing in the world could make me miss this moment!

I wanted to thank all of you for your support, the event organizers and promoters (of the few dates I have lined up this year) for your trust, and to the listeners who bought my music: the experience of sound is so much more powerful when shared.



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