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My album Chrysalide is out!

I kept waiting and waiting, wondering if I would find a label to sign me in order to release some of the tracks that I played live in December, and some new pretty catchy ones (I've been told !) that I wanted to get out there for you all.

Then about 10 days ago, my friend online told me about these platforms that act like labels: you sign up and pay and they release your music, distribute it to online stores etc. Which is what I did!

I am now focusing on the promotion of Chrysalide, a 7 track album (6 if you don't count the instrumental version of one of the tracks) that runs 45 minutes, and has a lot of modal / ancient subtext in its melodies. My love for folk music and ancient chants / hymns, particularly Celtic ones, definitely came out in this album! Listen for yourself, with the links on my homepage.

Love and until next time,


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